VIC in concert Peloponnese by bike
VIC in concert Peloponnese by bike
VIC in concert Peloponnese by bike


Zvara - about music, dance, Zagori Running


Phaistos Disk


Peloponnese by Bike


Blade Runner on Peloponnese

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It's all about discovering! Discovering culture, history, beautiful landscapes and the heritage of the Aegean Sea.
Trail running, bike tours, hiking in the mountains, a new, completely unknown Greek World. I am a cultural anthropologist, Mediterranean lover, mountaineer and ultra runner. I come from Poland, but have been living in Litochoro in northern Greece for some time.
This is a record of my experiences.

Recommended Reading

Blade Runner on Peloponnese.
Vangelis music experience in small village of Mari.

About Zagori Running competition, Villagers of Ioannina City music, dance, and cosmic religion of Greece

Phaistos Disk and all its secrets. The story of the most mysterious item ever found in Greece.

Traveling in Greece

Peloponnese by bike. 5 weeks trip in south Greece
in the middle of pandemic era.

Pelion Little Train and Giorgio de Chirico. Famous Italian painter and forgotten train line in olives grove in Volos.

The Map of My Experiences

You can navigate on my site with this map. Instead of clicking on the menu, you can click on one of these points and go directly to the article related to the selected place. The map is interactive, you can enlarge or reduce it. The definitions of places are very precise, you can even use them for field navigation.

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More About Greek Culture

Secret life of cicada. Music madness to the grave and metaphysic transformation.

The Royal Tombs in darkness - Vergina experience. Most amazing museum in Greece.

Glistrokoumaria - Greek Strawberry Tree. Dark burgundy, intense pistachio and The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Olympus - My Special Place

So if to cross own limits, why not on Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, which by definition is the border, between the world of gods and the world of people.

Olympus Mythical Trail 102km. Celebrating the Heat.

My 55 Peaks. 55 highest peaks on Olympus in 40 hours.

Website about forgotten paths on Olympus is here