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The Path of Your Dreams

ESSAY The Pathof Your Dreams From Chora Sfakion to Elafonisi Beach FEBRUARY 28, 2023 | CRETE | 15 MIN N 35°12’06.8″E 24°07’02.3″ Imagine the path of your dreams. The one from your childhood, from the times you couldn’t read yet, you saw almost nothing but you were already addicted to looking at maps. I remember …

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VIC in concert

Zvara – about music, dance, Zagori races and cosmic religion of Greece

In the heart of the Pindos Mountains, in the small village of Tsepelovo, every year in July, Zagori Mountain Running competitions are organized. Sharp guitar screeching at the beginning, then a wind instrument singing, powerful guitar and bass riffs combined with overwhelming drum beats, finally vocals.

ROUT Classic 100 miles

Many friends have told me about Rodopi Ultra Trail. They said that it was a unique race, completely unlike any other in Greece, that there was an extraordinary atmosphere and magic.

Running competition in Greece

An overview of the most important Greek mountain runs, but only those in which I participated, or at least I know the route, because I ran it outside the competition (two such cases).

Climbing Kopsi Profitis Ilias

Kopsi Profitis Ilias is one of ridges that lead to the mayor peaks of Mount Olympus. Kopsi in Greek language means ‘ridge’. Other more or less known ‘kopsis’ on Olympus are K. Barbalas, K. Xerolaki (Naoum), K. Skolio and K. Christakis. This kopsis are not frequently climbed. The approach is not always obvious

Lost Trail

On some weather map I saw that typhoon Janus was approaching Greece. But a typhoon in the Mediterranean? There is hardly any wind here.

My 55 Peaks on Olympus

I climbed (partially ran) 55 peaks higher than 2000 m on Olympus. It took exactly 40 hours, including about 5 hours for sleep. The exact parameters of the route are difficult to give unequivocally. My watch recorded 107.5 km but I don’t trust it.

Goumarostali Vertical Mile

At first view, the logo of the Goumarostali Vertical Mile competition resembles a knight’s shield. A similar shape, the main inscription at the top and the figure of the patron in the center.

Olympus Mythical Trail

Out of many Greek inventions, sport probably made the biggest career. Almost nobody practices philosophy anymore, almost nobody values science, but sport is on top.

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