The most beautiful bike route in Greece

In my private ranking of the most beautiful coastal cycling routes in Greece, the following route has taken the first place. Along the eastern “finger” of the Peloponnese which means the Maleas Peninsula, mostly on its eastern side. About 200 km in length and 4,100 meters of elevation.

My 55 Peaks on Olympus

I climbed (partially ran) 55 peaks higher than 2000 m on Olympus. It took exactly 40 hours, including about 5 hours for sleep. The exact parameters of the route are difficult to give unequivocally. My watch recorded 107.5 km but I don’t trust it.

Pelion Little Train and Giorgio de Chirico

A few days ago, in the middle of the Pelion Peninsula, in an olive grove on the steep slope of the Centaur Mountains, I found the tracks of a forgotten narrow-gauge railway.

Peloponnese by bike

Peloponnese by bike

Five weeks of cycling.
1,435 km and over 17,000 meters of elevation. In a sports or tourist sense, it’s not a feat; however, it was not about records, but about being on the road and enjoying the other world.

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